Mike Hoffer, MPA







I served ten years as the spokesman for two organizations.


The first was Snow's Cut Media (SCM) where we published the popular magazine called Snow's Cut Monthly. The second was the Ozaukee Washington Land Trust (OWLT) where I served as the communications/outreach coordinator in addition to my main duties as Stewardship Director.


My communications experience includes writing, researching, editing, public speaking, web design, newsletter creation and media coordination.


At SCM I stayed very busy. Each month I researched and wrote our news section which consisted of 10-15 short articles. I also edited our monthly history and politics articles. Every other month I wrote my own 1,500 word feature article.


At OWLT I was in charge writing our major reports, press releases, newsletters and general outreach materials.


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2014 Open Spaces

The OWLT Annual report/newsletter highlighted our accomplishments and included personal messages from various staff members.


Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place

A feature story that highlighted the battle to save a condo building from slipping into the sea.


Diary of a Contraband

The story of William F. Gould, escaped slave, prolific writer and American patriot.



Public Speaking

I was often called upon to be the public spokesman for OWLT. I made presentations and led field trips for Rotary Clubs, church groups, civic organizations, schools and other organizations.


At SCM I made presentations, acted as Master of Ceremonies for multiple events and served on the media panel at numerous political debates.


Working with cloud software, I've wrote email newsletters every two weeks from 2008 - 2016. I learned many strategies to improve subscriptions, open rates, click rates and interactions.


I estimate that I have produced over 200 email newsletters over the years - many of which were published in print as well.

Web Design

I'm a self-taught web designer. I spent many a sleepless night learning Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Muse and other software. I don't pretend to be the most creative designer, but I can build sturdy, attractive websites that do their job.


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Media Coordination

I was the media while operating SCM. Thanks to that  experience I know what media professionals need/want to help you promote your organization.


At OWLT I was in charge of writing press releases, maintaining relations with local media sources, managing our social media platforms and updating our website.


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